Male Personal Trainers

Working out with personal trainers offers exclusive benefits for people at every stage of their fitness journey. You can expect unwavering commitment and motivation, accountability, and personalized guidance to help meet your fitness goals. With Mobile Trainers, we make personal training even more personal by bringing our services directly to your home for comfort and convenience, and by allowing you to customize virtually every aspect of your program. That also includes working out with a trainer of your choice, whether that’s a female or male personal trainer.

Why Work with Male Personal Trainers?

Regardless of whether you choose one of our male personal trainers, you’ll benefit from working with a skilled fitness professional who has been hand selected from the best in the industry. We’re very picky about the talent we hire, which is why the men and women who work for us bring education and experience to ensure you get the best possible results.

For many men, working out with another man simply makes sense. Male personal trainers have first-hand knowledge of a man’s physical composition. They understand how to structure workouts in a way that promotes maximum gains and the best results for the work you put in.

What to Expect from Our Male Personal Trainers

Whether your goal is to get stronger, leaner, or both, you can count on our male trainers to get you there. First, they’ll meet with you during an in-home consultation to get to know more about your goals, fitness history, and expectations for the program. Then, they’ll develop a tailored regimen designed to help you reap the greatest physical benefits. Our programs are centered on realistic time commitments and are appropriately challenging to help you bust past plateaus and never get bored.

In addition to our results-driven team of trainers, we also offer a number of tools to further support your success:

  • Free online workouts you can do in between your in-home training sessions
  • A complimentary 3D body composition scan to help you track your progress
  • A free app that makes it easy to log workouts, meals, and more
  • An optional nutritional plan for personalized dietary guidance

Available Services

Goals We Deliver

  • Weight Loss
  • Strength Gain
  • Corrective Exercise
  • Cardio Fitness & Race Prep
  • And Much More!
  • Requesting a Trainer

    If you would prefer to work with a specific trainer from the list below, be sure to let us know! We strive to offer a completely customized fitness experience, and we will do our very best to place you with the trainer you’ve requested.


    Joey is a passionate & energetic trainer currently living in Austin, TX. He’s a 7-time marathoner that loves to stay active! He trains clients of all ages, skill-levels, and stages of life (including pregnancy and postpartum). Most notably, Joey specializes in fat-loss, muscle development, and mobility.

    Joey launched his training career in 2016 after receiving his certification through the National Academy of Sports Medicine. In addition, he holds a Bachelor's Degree from Loyola University in Exercise Science. He then started training at various different gyms throughout the years; most notably Equinox, LA Fitness and Lifetime. The exposure to large-scale gyms has allowed Joey to train over thousands of clients and learn from many different trainers in the industry. He then spent time in group fitness and even briefly worked for Nike as a running coach! Joey believes in a balance of hard work and fun during his training sessions.

    His training philosophy has always been centered around consistency, not perfection. He is dedicated to making fitness a healthy, long-term relationship centered on accountability and trust. If you’re new to lifting, overcoming an injury, or just coming back from a long gym hiatus; he can help you get back to feeling strong and moving better than ever. Based on the success he’s had with his clients in the past, he’s excited to bring his expertise to you through Mobile Trainers!

    How to Get Started

    If you’re interested in working with Mobile Trainers, simply give us a call or schedule a complementary consultation via the form below, and a member of our staff will contact you shortly to confirm an appointment. We look forward to joining you on your fitness journey!

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