3D Body Composition Scanning


Body fat scales, and all scales for that matter, don’t really tell us what we want to know! The number on a scale doesn’t indicate how we look or feel, it’s just something we’ve been trained to focus on. If you genuinely want to monitor your progress, you need to measure your body’s shape and composition!

“The number on a scale doesn’t indicate how we look or feel, it’s just something we’ve been trained to focus on.”

Mobile Trainers uses 3D body composition scanning as a key part of our training programs. Not only do we use it to monitor your progress, we use it to fine tune your programming!

The Styku Scanner: Until recently, 3D body composition scanning wasn’t possible, but using the latest technology, Mobile Trainers is able to include it as part of our standard service. Our Styku scanner is portable, so we can actually perform this scan from the comfort of your own home!

The Visual: Seeing yourself in 3D for the first is a pretty shocking and eye-opening experience. You get a true visualization of your body’s shape, as well as your posture.

How does it work?

Our 3D body scanner has two components: a spinning platform and a camera tower. When the scan begins, the platform will rotate you 360 degrees in about 45 seconds. During this time, the camera tower will take hundreds of images of your body, stitching them together to make a complete 3D rendering. The imaging is infrared, not x-ray, making it a safe way to get frequent 3D body scans! More can be seen on Styku’s website.

Room Requirements: For the best results, the scanning area should be a clear 10’ X 7’ area. The platform should be positioned no less than 3 ft from any wall behind or to the sides, and the tower should be placed roughly 8 ft in front of the platform. Also, the 3D body composition scan should be performed without any sort of uncovered windows or reflective surfaces (such as glossy walls) in the background.

What to Wear: For the best results, you’ll want to wear form-fitted clothing. Since this scanner isn’t an x-ray device, it will not be able to read your body’s shape beneath a loose shirt or baggy shorts. Most form-fitted gym attire will work well. If you have any questions about what clothing you should wear for your scan, please feel free to give us a call!

Your stance: There are clearly marked places for you to place your feet on the platform, and you will be facing the camera's tower. You will then make a fist and hold your arms out to your sides, making a “figure A”. The camera will automatically recognize you’re in the proper position and begin to SLOWLY rotate you on the platform until you’ve made it the full 360 degrees. This will take less than 1 minute.

What does it show?

3D Avatar: You will see your 3D avatar, which can be fully rotated and zoomed to view your body from all angles. Aside from your body’s shape, users typically learn useful information about their posture from their avatar as well.

Measurements: Each 3D body composition scan provides over one hundred measurements for your body, all taken with greater than 99% accuracy. This is better than most tailors! In fact, many people also find these measurements incredibly useful when shopping for clothing online!

Body Composition: The 3D body composition scan will provide body fat measurements, as well as muscle percentages, and it does so much more accurately than any body fat scale on the market. These metrics will prove invaluable when monitoring progress.

Progress: Whether it’s weight loss or muscle building, tracking progress is an important part of any fitness journey! With Styku, each scan is stored to your account, allowing you to easily monitor results over time. To make this even easier, Styku automatically generates charts and other metrics to help you measure your progress.

Health Risk Assessment: In addition, the Styku 3D body composition scanner provides a health-risk assessment by analyzing your avatar. Risk levels for obesity-related diseases are statistically assessed for your body shape, composition, and weight.

How long does it take?

The process is very quick! The setup itself will typically take less than 10 minutes, and the scan requires less than 1 minute.

How do we use it?

Our Method: Mobile Trainers has a primary focus on providing its clients measurable results. Not only do we utilize this 3D body composition scanner to measure your progress, we use it to adjust your programming. By quantifying the response your body has to our training each month, we are able to continuously make adjustments to optimize your routine and maximize your results.

Why Other Methods don’t work: Ever try a popular workout program and fail to see results? You’re not alone! Pre-designed and online workouts usually fail for one simple reason: training is not a one-size-fits-all endeavor! All of us are different, and we will benefit differently from different types of exercise and nutrition. As obvious as this is, we’re constantly being told otherwise by the advertisements we see. With the two-way feedback provided by 3D body composition scanning, our trainers will discover what exercise and nutrition works best for your body!

How much does it cost?

An In-Home Body Scan is $85/each, however, it is completely free with a purchase of an in-home personal trainer package! In fact, you will receive a complementary scan each month to help you track your progress! If you are not interested in purchasing an in-home personal training package, please contact us for pricing. Rates will vary based on travel distance.

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