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    Train With Our Female Personal Trainers!

    Enjoy the benefits of training with our elite female trainers. They provide all the expertise, comfort, motivation, and guidance you are searching for.


    Katie (Phoenix)

    NASM certified

    Personal Training for the past 8 years

    Nutrition certified

    Experience with weight loss, rehabilitation, strength training, individual and group training, etc

    Grew up as a competitive gymnast!

    Loves to travel, ballroom dance, and enjoy life her husband and two wiener dogs.

    Amy (Phoenix)

    Amy has over 10 years of experience in fitness and nutrition. She enjoys training people one on one,in small group training and through group fitness instructing. Amy loves to show her clients that exercise can be fun and a great way to reduce stress. She believes the right balance of exercise and nutrition, along with warming up, stretching and rest can help them create a lifestyle to create the best quality of life possible. She will show you that consistency is KEY! She will push you toward your goals while doing it safely and remaining injury free, while keeping you motivated along the way. Her motto is-"You only have ONE body, so investing in yourself is the BEST gift you can give yourself or a loved one or BOTH!"




    HIIT /Sports conditioning, Weight training, Geriatric training, TRX, Weight loss

    Vik (Phoenix)

    Vik is a personal trainer for Mobile Trainers in the Phoenix area. She played soccer at the collegiate level and enjoys coaching soccer to this day. She has been a personal trainer for over 2 years, is ACE certified, and possesses a NASM Corrective Exercise certification. Beyond her deep knowledge in general personal training, she also has extensive knowledge of spinning, stick mobility, animal flow, and Dotfit nutrition. Vik has trained clients of all ages and has helped them with a wide range of goals including: muscle gain, strength training, weight loss, muscle imbalances through corrective exercise, and more. She loves health and fitness and she believes exercise is both fun and vital to enhancing one's quality of life

    Bree (Phoenix)

    Bree brings a unique blend of education and experience to the table. She has two Bachelor's degrees, one in Exercise and the second in Nutrition. Additionally, she holds multiple fitness and nutrition certifications, including NASM, ACSM, FMS and Pn1. The best schooling however has been through experience and personal necessity. She know first-hand how it feels to have health issues, injuries, and to not be okay with the level at which you’re feeling or performing. She helps you optimize your greatest tool – your body – with the movements, exercises, and habits it needs to feel and function better, so that you are experiencing the body and life you desire!

    Bree has over 11 years’ experience in the industry with hundreds of successful client outcomes. She has successfully worked with a wide range of clientele, from professional athletes and Olympians, to corporate wellness clients, “everyday athletes,” and those who are coming back from injury. And now, she's ready to help YOU.

    Erin (Phoenix)

    Erin, Registered Dietitian and fitness professional, has been in the health and fitness industry for 13+ years. She received a degree in dietetics from Michigan State University and completed her dietetic internship at Wayne State University. Erin has extensive certifications in the health field; including certifications from the Health Coach Institute and the National Academy of Sports Medicine for Personal Training. Her professional experience includes working with eating disorders, bariatric surgery, sports nutrition, auto-immune diseases, and weight-loss. Erin is passionate about helping others succeed in their health and fitness journey!

    Athena (Phoenix)

    Athena has been in the field of exercise and wellness for over 20 years. She holds a master's degree in exercise science, wellness, and nutrition, NASM corrective exercise specialist, and is a certified wellness practitioner through the national wellness institute. She firmly believes that everyone is entitled to a good quality of life, and therefore she enjoys bringing awareness to all determinants of health and educate how to maintain the body through exercise and play, and boost wellness literacy.

    Athena has experience in everything from rehab and performance to corporate wellness and health promotions, but her passion is prevention. She wants to afford individuals the opportunity and ability to live independently, be healthy, and be happy throughout their life.

    Athena is an Arizona native and has been active in both competitive and recreational sports. Hiking, swimming, and heavy lifting are some of her favorite activities.

    Jessie (Dallas)

    Jessie has worked in the health, fitness and wellness space since her college days at Texas Tech, where she earned her BS in Exercise and Sport Science. She also holds several fitness certifications, and has 8 years of coaching and training- including special experience with older adult, children, weight loss, and aquatic fitness! In her free time, she loves to spend time with her family, go to concerts, and run.

    Brooke (Dallas)

    Brooke grew up in the Dallas Fort Worth area and has a strong passion for health and fitness. She is also a mom of two! She received her Certified Personal Trainer certificate as well as her Certified Nutritionist certificate through ISSA. Brooke has been training in and out of gyms for about 8 years and specializes in helping women of all ages, postpartum moms, athletes, and also those who have interest in bodybuilding competitions. She is excited to be a mobile trainer and also your biggest cheerleader through it all!

    Alexandra (Dallas)

    Alexandra is a health and wellness coach that has been helping people create healthier habits, build confidence, and achieve their fitness goals, for the past 5 years. However, when she first began her adventure with fitness, she was anything but the picture of health. She started working with her first personal trainer with the intent of getting in shape for bootcamp, because she thought she wanted to join the military. Instead, six months later, she was doing her first bodybuilding competition! After that, her whole mindset changed.

    She got certified through ISSA as a personal trainer, sports nutritionist, and transformation specialist. Since then, Alexandra has had great success with clients that are just beginning and new to fitness as well as advanced and competitive athletes, teenage girls and woman both pre & post partum.

    Whether your goal is to build muscle, lose fat, learn proper form, increase flexibility and range of motion or to simply help manage your stress and become the best and strongest version of yourself, Alexandra wants to help you discover the benefits and joys of training that helped her transform into the person she is today.

    Kealey (Phoenix)

    Kealey has a unique background in athletics and fitness. Growing up in sports and participating in teams, Kealey found a strong passion for health and wellness. While receiving a bachelor's degree in Exercise Science from ASU she interned with ASU's collegiate strength and conditioning staff. Kealey went on to coach at the high school and division II collegiate level, as well as work launch her personal training career. Kealey is certified through NSCA's CSCS and constantly learning and evolving as a trainer. Working with Kealey will not just be a one-track program, training will be very customized and involve the training that you enjoy. Whether it is weight loss or strength goals, Kealey can help!

    Mela (Miami)

    Mela's passion for health and fitness started at the age of 16, right out of high school. She decided to pursue a degree in exercise science and learn as much about the body and its relationship to movement and exercise. The more she learned, the more she fell in love and that's when she decided to pursue a career helping others look and feel better. Mela has her bachelor's degree in exercise science and has been personal training for nearly 5 years. She loves her work and the impact that it can make on people's lives. Her coaching includes: kids, adults, older adults, weight loss, strength training, resistance training, postpartum, and most importantly form correction. She is here not only to help you build the confidence you need to feel and look better but to make lifestyle changes!

    Kayla (Dallas)

    Kayla Bonina is a personal trainer located in Addison, TX. She has been a personal trainer for 12 years and a Master Trainer for 5. She was a college athlete and got her start in fitness when she had an injury that caused her gain close to 100 pounds. Fitness helped bring her mental and physical health back, and since then, her passion has been to help others with their goals. She also teaches group classes, and was Beachbody LIVE Master Trainer of the year in 2019. She has ran 2 marathons, and 13 half marathons.

    Outside of fitness Kayla is an actress and has done a docu series, local theater, and a few commercials. She is a trained Dancer and choreographer and even teaches heels fitness classes. She also enjoys Dallas Cowboys Games, Disney, Travel, and spending time with friends and family. Kayla is very passionate caring and will help you get to your health and fitness goals.

    Stephanie (Miami)

    Stephanie has been working in the fitness industry for over 15 years. She has a master’s in exercise physiology in which she specialized in both cardiac rehab and strength and conditioning, and she is also an NCSF certified personal trainer and RYT200 yoga instructor. She is passionate about helping people find the movements and activities that they not only enjoy but also allow them to move as pain free as possible toward their fitness goals, whether it is strength, weight loss, endurance or a combination. She has worked with teens all the way up the age spectrum to nonagenarians, taking into account each individual’s needs, goals, and limitations.

    Stephanie loves to be active, and in her spare time cycles, runs and takes CrossFit classes.

    Jessica (Miami)

    A mom of 4 beautiful girls, originally from Queens, New York. Jessica got her start when she purchased a Barre franchise from Los Angeles CA in 2014. She received her certification as a Barre instructor/ Personal Trainer and Pilates certification. Her training ranges from strength, HIIT, pilates, and sculpt. Fitness is her passion. However, the ability to help others achieve their fitness goals, or guide them in their journey to self-confidence is what drives Jessica to inspire and continue her role as a Mobile Trainer. Jessica's view on your fitness journey involves consistency and perseverance which will help you achieve your desired end-result.

    Michelle (Dallas)

    As a teenager, Michelle played basketball and volleyball, and was very active in general. Now Michelle is a mom of two girls ages 19 and 14 and a young grandmother to a sweet little boy. She has been certified as a personal trainer since 2018, but her love for spinning and strength training started back in 2009. She has helped many clients from ages 14 all the way up to 74, with and without injuries, as well as controlled diabetics and non-controlled diabetics. Along with learning how to train around her own injuries, she has helped and trained people with frozen shoulder, spondylosis, tendonitis, arthritis, migraines, and low back pain to list a few. Her certifications are as follows:
    -NASM Nutriton Specialist
    -Ace YouthFfitness Specialist
    -Assisted Stretching Certificate
    -BLS Provider/CPR & AED
    Special interests include strength training, bodybuilding, glutes, fat loss, transformation, injury prevention, IASTM, trigger point therapy, TRX and spin.

    Madison (Phoenix)

    Madison is a former D1 beach volleyball player. She graduated from GCU with her bachelors in Exercise Science and a minor in pre-med. She is extremely passionate about health and wellness and am a firm believer that it all begins from the inside out. She is a certified personal trainer with ISSA and has extensive experience with both one-on-one training & group training.

    Her specialization is in sports performance, but she also loves helping clients with weight loss, corrective exercise, functional movements, and prenatal/post-partum. She has personally struggled through many injuries, undergone surgeries, and done lots of physical therapy, so she also has a deep passion for injury prevention and rehabilitation. Her personal fitness passions include weight lifting and HIIT workouts!

    Available Services

    Goals We Deliver



    Top Female Personal Trainers Delivered To Your Door! Mobile Trainers is Taking the Best Local Trainers Out of The Gym and Bringing Them Directly to You!

    In fact, our requirements are so high, we hire less than 1% of personal trainers that apply to be part of our Female Personal Training team!

    We create a in-home training program, nutrition program, and overall experience tailored to your goals and requests! And we provide all the equipment, motivation, and expertise needed to meet your goals.


    A Word About Our Female Personal Trainers

    Our Female Personal Trainers are in-home training specialists and an essential part of the Mobile Trainers team.

    The benefits of working with a personal trainer span far and wide. You can expect a higher level of accountability and motivation, plus fitness plans personalized to your specific goals. Trainers know when to introduce modifications to prevent injuries or meet you where you’re at physically. They know how to challenge you appropriately in a way that helps you reach goals without compromising form or quality. With their education and experience, you can expect to meet your goals faster and more effectively than you would through independent workouts. Of course, not all fitness trainers deliver the same experience.

    And, for many women, hiring female personal trainers just makes sense — here’s why.

    Why Women Say They Prefer Our Female Mobile Trainers

    Female Personal Trainers Understand Your Body

    While male trainers can certainly guide female clients through personal training programs effectively, female personal trainers have an acute knowledge of female anatomy. That’s because they already know what it’s like to work out as a woman. They have a deep understanding of the mechanics of the female body, as well as the physical challenges that affect women. For example, female trainers are especially well suited to help with:

    • Fitness during pregnancy and postpartum
    • Female teen athletes, who are developing at a different rate than male teens
    • Senior fitness for females, with a focus on issues such as osteoporosis risks

    You May Feel More Comfortable with a Female Personal Trainer

    If you’re more in your comfort zone working out with a female personal trainer, you’re not alone. Many women feel more at ease with another woman — and it’s no surprise why. We tend to form strong friendships among members of the same sex, and the ability to open up and be vulnerable is important during any fitness journey. You may therefore be more inclined to challenge yourself or let your trainer know if you’re struggling when you know you’re in a safe, comfortable space shared by another women. If you feel more comfortable talking to another woman about body changes or any other topic that may come up during workouts, then working with a female personal trainer is likely the best route for you.

    Female Personal Trainers Are Skilled & Knowledgeable

    While the fitness industry was once male-dominated, we’ve come quite a long way since the early days of sports. Women now make up more than a third of all personal trainers in the U.S. Of course, we don’t have to tell you that they’re every bit as knowledgeable, talented, and skilled as any male trainer.

    Such a statement is only more true for Mobile Trainers! Our team is not average or typical fitness professionals by any stretch of the imagination! Our trainers often have: a health/fitness college degree, top training certifications, multiple certifications, years of training experience, an awesome personality, and a deep passion for helping people. In fact, we employ less than 1% of the trainers that apply to be a member of our team!

    How to Get Started

    If you’re interested in working with Mobile Trainers, simply give us a call or schedule a complementary consultation via the form below, and a member of our staff will contact you shortly to confirm an appointment. We look forward to joining you on your fitness journey!


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