Corporate Staff

Meet the Mobile Trainers Leadership Team


As a personal trainer for over 17 years it comes as no surprise that sports and fitness have been a big part of Adam’s life from an early age. Aside from personal athletic endeavors Adam began coaching youth sports at 17 years old, progressed into being a personal trainer, strength and conditioning coach, weightlifting coach, competitive crossfitter and coach, and mentor; eventually owning his own gym for a decade. Fueled by a competitive desire and an inherent interest to learn and improve his craft Adam racked up over 20 varying fitness and nutrition certifications and focused most of his personal training efforts around sports performance for both youth and adults. Noticing a severe lack of instruction and guidance within the industry Adam later moved into a consulting role for gyms across the country to help owners better run their facilities, implement proper operating procedures for both the sales and fulfillment side, with a guided emphasis on growing and teaching inexperienced trainers how to expand their capabilities.

Adam’s training and mentorship style is heavily impacted by being born and raised in Philadelphia, where he learned to be blunt and to the point. A combination of personality traits that most clients who want to perform and look better respond favorably to.


Cofounder and avid fitness enthusiast, Chad began his career in the aerospace industry. His first job was Inner Planet Mission Design at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, where he performed trajectory and orbit design for future NASA missions. After a few years with NASA, he decided to pursue his MBA at Northwestern’s Kellogg School of Business, which landed him a job working for Apple in Silicon Valley. However, quickly thereafter, he seized an opportunity to purchase a small steel distributor in Houston, TX. As CEO, he was able to grow the company considerably, landing on Houston Business Journal’s “10 Fastest Growing Companies in Houston” two years in a row. This company was eventually purchased by the world’s 4th largest industrial distributor, allowing him to finally pursue a true passion of his: fitness.


Cofounder of Mobile Trainers and Chief of Operations, Justin has dedicated his life to fitness. Growing up a four-sport athlete, Justin swam competitively at Southwestern University in Georgetown, TX, where he earned a degree in communication. Following college, he began a career as a personal trainer and eventually became a Personal Training Director at LifeTime Fitness. Success came quickly and naturally in this role, transforming his club into a top performer in the nation. Still, after nearly 17 years in the fitness industry, Justin’s passion remains focused on his clients and his staff. He enjoys nothing more than helping them realize their potential and become their optimal selves.