Corporate Wellness Program

Corporate wellness is a well-known benefit for employees, and it is very beneficial for employers as well, as studies have shown it reduces absenteeism, improves employee productivity, reduces injury and workers' compensation claims, improves morale, and reduces health-care costs. Mobile Trainers offers companies with a unique solution for achieving a highly effective corporate wellness program, right on-site at your facility.

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We Bring the Workout Directly to Your Facility

Mobile Trainers has a fleet of vehicles fully stocked with the fitness equipment needed to give your employees an incredible workout. All you need is a space for us to set up the workout.
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We will give your employees monthly health screens

Our mobile 3-D body scanner is cutting-edge technology that can provide each employee with a full 3-D scan, body composition, and health assessment, in less than 40 seconds!
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Built for everyone

Mobile Trainers designs fitness programs that are simple enough for beginners but can also present a challenge to fitness veterans.
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Fully customizable

Our programs are fully customizable, and we can help you design a solution that is right for your employees' fitness and your budget.
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corporate wellness program.


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