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Apartment living has its perks, but limited space can make it challenging to store a wide range of fitness equipment. Fortunately, you don’t need multiple cardio machines or a full set of dumbbells to crush your fitness goals at home. All you need is the guidance and expertise of our experienced personal trainers, who will also bring all the equipment you need for a killer workout right to your door.

Why Work with Our Apartment Fitness Trainers?

You don’t have to go to the gym to get an effective, personalized workout, nor do you need a ton of space at home. Our apartment fitness trainers bring the quality of a gym personal training experience into your home for the ultimate levels of comfort and convenience. You’ll get all the benefits of working out one-on-one at the gym — just without having to fight the crowds, worry about germs, or wait for equipment to free up.

What Should You Expect from Working Out with Our Apartment Fitness Trainers?

Even if you’ve worked out with a personal trainer before, you can expect the Mobile Trainers experience to be a little different. That’s because our programs are created on your terms, and nearly every aspect is customizable.

Here’s what to expect when you work with Mobile Trainers:

  • Customized workouts based on your goals, preferences, and current fitness levels
  • A challenging yet rewarding program that helps you achieve your desired transformation
  • 2-3 weekly in-person workouts plus free online workouts you can do in between sessions
  • Complimentary monthly 3D body scans to help you track weight loss and strength gains
  • An optional nutritional component for personalized dietary recommendations so you can meet your goals even sooner

What if I Live in a Small Apartment?

Living in an apartment in or around metropolitan areas often means you have to sacrifice extra space for a great location. Don’t worry if you don’t have a sprawling open area to work out in — our trainers can set up and help you get your sweat on in a space as small as 10’ x 10’. If you prefer, we can also take your workout outdoors to a common area for a bit of fresh air.

Ready to start seeing how our apartment fitness trainers can empower you to achieve a lasting transformation? Request your fee initial session here.

Goals we can help you achieve

Weight Loss, Strength Gain, Corrective Exercise, Senior Fitness, Sports Specific Training, Youth Training, Flexibility, Cardio, Postpartum Weight Loss, Core Strength, And More

Apartment Wellness Programs for Management Companies

We provide apartment fitness training for both individuals and management companies. Both apartment complexes and Senior Living Facilities! No more gym memberships! Provide a healthier lifestyle for your residents at your wellness center!

We create a completely customized fitness program based on your budget and goals for your business. Unlike a freelance trainer, we offer a highly professional and fully insured service that looks the part and reinforces the luxury branding you’re seeking for your residence.

This is an amazing amenity for your residents that will undoubtedly improve retention and occupancy rates.

Our services include

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We Bring the Workout Directly to Your Facility

Mobile Trainers has a fleet of vehicles fully stocked with the fitness equipment needed to give your residents an incredible workout. All you need is a space for us to set up the workout.
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We will give your residents monthly health screens

Our mobile 3-D body scanner is cutting-edge technology that can provide each resident with a full 3-D scan, body composition, and helath assessment, in less than 40 seconds!
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Built for everyone

Mobile Trainers designs fitness programs that are simple enough for beginners but can also present a challenge to fitness veterans.
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Fully customizable

Our programs are fully customizable, and we can help you design a solution that is right for your residents' fitness and your budget.
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