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Situated on a barrier island and surrounded by breathtaking parks, Key Biscayne, FL is so beautiful that most people never want to leave. If you’re fortunate enough to live here, you don’t ever have to leave home to get in a quality workout. Our Key Biscayne personal trainers offer convenient in-home sessions designed to maximize your time.

Quality In-Home Workouts with Key Biscayne Personal Trainers

Our trainers help you achieve the results you’d get with a fitness professional at the gym without actually having to leave your home. Most people don’t need heavy-duty gym equipment to reach their goals, and as for the equipment you do need, you can rest assured our trainers will provide it. All you’ll need is a space as small as 10’ X 10’ to get a challenging, effective workout.

The Mobile Trainers program begins with a free initial evaluation. We’ll discuss your goals, expectations, and current fitness considerations. This in-home consultation is important for helping our trainers create a customized plan based on your specific needs. Developing a comprehensive client profile is also important for injury prevention — a key component of our programs.

Once your personal trainer creates your program, training sessions will begin. Most of our clients prefer to meet two to three times a week, but you can do what works best for your schedule. In between your in-home workouts, you can also use our free online workouts to stay active and continue progressing towards your goals.

Since fueling your body right can help you optimize your results, we also offer an optional nutritional component to our program. We eliminate the guesswork that often comes with healthy eating, providing detailed, personalized recommendations. For convenient exercise and nutrition tracking, feel free to use our app.

What Sets Mobile Trainers Apart

While most fitness centers require their trainers to make sales, our team is driven by results alone. It’s your trainer’s job to help you make measurable progress, which is why we track body composition changes through free monthly 3D scans. Numbers don’t lie. Watch as you progress month after month.

Our well-rounded, unique approach is part of what keeps our retention rates so much higher than those seen at the average gym. Clients stick with our personal trainers nearly four times as long as they hold onto gym memberships. That’s important, since consistency is the key to reaching your goals and maintaining results.

Don’t just take our word for it, though. Experience the difference for yourself — schedule your first session with one of our Key Biscayne personal trainers below

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