Kayla (Dallas)

Kayla is a personal trainer located in Addison, TX. She has been a personal trainer for 12 years and a Master Trainer for 5. She was a college athlete and got her start in fitness when she had an injury that caused her gain close to 100 pounds. Fitness helped bring her mental and physical health back, and since then, her passion has been to help others with their goals. She also teaches group classes, and was Beachbody LIVE Master Trainer of the year in 2019. She has ran 2 marathons, and 13 half marathons.

Outside of fitness Kayla is an actress and has done a docu series, local theater, and a few commercials. She is a trained Dancer and choreographer and even teaches heels fitness classes. She also enjoys Dallas Cowboys Games, Disney, Travel, and spending time with friends and family. Kayla is very passionate caring and will help you get to your health and fitness goals.

Jessie (Dallas)

Jessie has worked in the health, fitness and wellness space since her college days at Texas Tech, where she earned her BS in Exercise and Sport Science. She also holds several fitness certifications, and has 8 years of coaching and training- including special experience with older adult, children, weight loss, and aquatic fitness! In her free time, she loves to spend time with her family, go to concerts, and run.

Alexandra (Dallas)

Alexandra is a health and wellness coach that has been helping people create healthier habits, build confidence, and achieve their fitness goals, for the past 5 years. However, when she first began her adventure with fitness, she was anything but the picture of health. She started working with her first personal trainer with the intent of getting in shape for bootcamp, because she thought she wanted to join the military. Instead, six months later, she was doing her first bodybuilding competition! After that, her whole mindset changed.

She got certified through ISSA as a personal trainer, sports nutritionist, and transformation specialist. Since then, Alexandra has had great success with clients that are just beginning and new to fitness as well as advanced and competitive athletes, teenage girls and woman both pre & post partum.

Whether your goal is to build muscle, lose fat, learn proper form, increase flexibility and range of motion or to simply help manage your stress and become the best and strongest version of yourself, Alexandra wants to help you discover the benefits and joys of training that helped her transform into the person she is today.

Michelle (Dallas)

As a teenager, Michelle played basketball and volleyball, and was very active in general. Now Michelle is a mom of two girls ages 19 and 14 and a young grandmother to a sweet little boy. She has been certified as a personal trainer since 2018, but her love for spinning and strength training started back in 2009. She has helped many clients from ages 14 all the way up to 74, with and without injuries, as well as controlled diabetics and non-controlled diabetics. Along with learning how to train around her own injuries, she has helped and trained people with frozen shoulder, spondylosis, tendonitis, arthritis, migraines, and low back pain to list a few. Her certifications are as follows:
-NASM Nutriton Specialist
-Ace YouthFfitness Specialist
-Assisted Stretching Certificate
-BLS Provider/CPR & AED
Special interests include strength training, bodybuilding, glutes, fat loss, transformation, injury prevention, IASTM, trigger point therapy, TRX and spin.

Sahar (Dallas)

Sahar began developing her passion for fitness and exercise science at the age of 14 when she first began lifting weights and found her love for physique improvement and health. She graduated with her M.S. in Exercise Physiology from UT Austin in 2022, following earning her B.S. in Exercise Science also from UT Austin in 2020. She is an NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) and specializes in strength and conditioning for combat sports (primarily MMA, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and Muay Thai). She also specializes in female hormone physiology and programs exercise in accordance with the menstrual cycle for premenopausal women. Sahar loves working with clients of all ages and ability levels and incorporates her experience as a physical therapy technician with regards to pre-habilitation and injury prevention.

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