Meet Our Miami Team

Kienny (Miami)

Keinny's goal is to help you be the best version of yourself. He wants you to live the best quality of life you can through your fitness. From carrying your groceries inside your house to being a competitive athlete, Keinny wants you to do it BETTER. Fitness isn’t just a part of life it IS life. Our biggest asset is our health. He hae seen the benefits of a healthy lifestyle and what investing in your fitness does for you, with all his clients, friends and family members, of whom he has had the pleasure of inspiring and encouraging. Keinny loves combining science-based methods with heartfelt passion. Exercise isn’t his passion, his passion is to make stronger, healthier and more confident individuals through training.


Michael has been involved in health and fitness for over 45 years. Starting in the mid-1970's with plastic coated concrete weights, and your local YMCA, through the Nautilus craze of the late 70's and 80's, up until today's modern gyms, there is not much he has not seen. We all started out training at home, and now it has come full circle. He has a full knowledge of nutrition, supplements, and training techniques that can be used to accomplish whatever your goals may be. Whether training at your home gym, local gym or with just body weight there is a plan that will work for you.

In his spare time he likes martial arts training, bass fishing, hiking, cycling, grilling and anything else that will get him outside.

Paul (Miami)

Paul is a bodybuilder & certified personal trainer with over 10 years of experience. He moved from New York and was one of the most popular trainers working at the biggest LA Fitness in the country, working with clients from just about every demographic you can find. Paul enjoys seeing people physically transform and get the results they want. Nothing is more satisfying to him than being able to empower someone and have them become a better version of themselves that they genuinely feel good about. He enjoys teaching people how to live a sustainable long term healthier life. Seeing a client happier and healthier is what fuels him.

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