Phillip & Patricia Frost Museum of Science in the Miami, Florida

The Phillip & Patricia Frost Museum of Science, located in downtown Miami, Florida, is an awe-inspiring destination for visitors from around the world. It’s a beacon of science and culture in the vibrant city of Miami, a beacon that symbolically carries the hope that modern science can be a force for good in our world. The obvious energy and enthusiasm radiating from the museum demonstrate that this is a place that can inspire, educate and entertain guests of all ages. Information can be found here.

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The Frost Museum of Science boasts an impressive array of exhibits that cover a variety of scientific concepts. From the Aquarium to the Space Station, it has something to offer everyone. The Aquarium offers a unique look into the underwater world and its inhabitants. Featuring stunning displays of corals, fish, sharks, stingrays, and more, it amazes young and old alike. The Space Station is a hands-on experience that allows guests to explore the marvels of outer space. The exhibits contain interactive games and activities, as well as informative displays about the structure of the universe and the science behind it. In addition to providing spectacular visuals, the Frost Museum of Science also houses a state-of-the-art planetarium. This incredible theater host shows that both enlighten and entertain guests with stunning projections and informative discussions. In addition to the planetarium, the museum also contains a large observatory from which visitors can observe the night sky in incredible detail. It’s a truly unique facility that allows its visitors a unique view of the night sky. See here for information about Bayfront Park in Miami, Florida.